“Josephine is bright, clever, interesting, and really funny! Loved hearing everything that was taught today. I could listen to this topic for several more hours.”

“She made us feel comfortable asking questions.”

“Informational, direct, unashamed, and authentic.”
— anonymous feedback from ‘Gender 101’ training sessions
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I am an experienced facilitator and have provided over 100 training sessions around issues of gender identity for schools, medical institutions, arts organizations, businesses, and more. My basic sessions are:

Gender 101

Ideally a 90- to 120-minute session for a group of 15-100. This session covers basic terminology around issues of gender identity, an overview of issues pertinent to transgender and intersex communities, recommendations for actionable steps tailored to the needs of the organization, and time for questions and conversation. Participants leave with a basic understanding of trans and intersex needs and a concrete list of ways to improve their organization’s approach to these populations.

Gender 201

Ideally a 4-6 hour session for a group of 10-25. Gender 201 is a deeper dive into the topics of Gender 101, for those who already have a baseline understanding and want the tools to become community leaders around these issues. This session focuses more heavily on group participation and in-depth conversation.

If you have questions or ideas for a different type of session, I would be excited to discuss them. Please reach out!