Theatre Consulting

For shows that have transgender-related themes and trans cast members, I strongly encourage the hiring of a gender consultant. This role provides perspective and education to the entire production team, and frees trans cast members and team members to focus on their roles (rather than education) and do their best work, elevating the production as a whole. With my combination of educational experience, queer/trans identity, and a lifetime in theatre I’m uniquely positioned for this work – at present I am not aware of anyone else playing this role in a structured way.

Typically, responsibilities include:

  • Script consultation, working to ensure the script and the staging of the show are thoughtful and sensitive to issues around gender identity;
  • Gender sensitivity training, ideally delivered to the entire cast, crew, and staff of a production (including front-of-house) to provide language and empower the team to support queer and trans artists and audience members and talk about the show;
  • Rehearsal room support, ensuring team members of all genders are supported in their work, similar to an intimacy designer;
  • Marketing/PR consultation, helping craft marketing language, grants, casting notices, etc. that are appropriately inclusive of trans and queer communities;
  • Company management support, both in helping ensure facilities and structures are in place to support trans team members, and in helping support trans team members once onsite;
  • Front of house support, helping set messaging for shows and training box office and FOH staff around it, and consulting on patron experience for patrons with varied gender identities and backgrounds;
  • Content creation, writing material for programs, lobby displays, blogs, etc. that explain concepts of gender and how they relate to the play; and
  • Community outreach, connecting with queer/trans communities, building bridges, inviting participation/collaboration where appropriate, and helping communicate production mission & goals to groups concerned about representation

My full resume (PDF) can be found here.

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