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Few theatre companies are equipped to sensitively handle shows with trans, intersex, or queer themes. While diversifying casting is important, in isolation it can leave actors in tough positions. A gender consultant:

  • Allows trans/queer actors to focus on acting, not educating

  • Provides space & safety for these actors (who often perform scenes related to their personal trauma) to do their best work

  • Ensures internal and external communications are handled respectfully

  • Gives shows space to tell their most truthful, impactful stories

What do I do as gender consultant?

  • Script consultation

  • Gender sensitivity trainings for staff, cast, & production team

  • Serve as part of core artistic team for auditions, rehearsals, design meetings, etc.

  • Rehearsal room support – part expert associate director, part support for trans/queer actors (with goals similar to intimacy design)

  • Marketing/PR consultation, crafting language for press releases, grants, casting notices, etc.

  • Guidance for company management and front of house to ensure inclusive spaces

  • Written content for programs, lobby displays, blogs, etc.